KoreLogic's Password Cracking Contest at DEF CON

Crack Me If You Can 2018 DerbyCon has finished. CynoSure Prime was the first to solve it!

What: A smaller, more fun version of the premier annual password cracking contest sponsored by KoreLogic.

Where: DerbyCon 8 - Louisville KY, USA, and over the Internet

When: 48 hours, from 4 PM Louisville KY Time (US/Eastern) Friday October 5th, 2018 to 4pm Louisville time Sunday, October 7th.

Who: Anyone can play. Teams of people will do best.

Why: Because you asked for it.

Updates: Watch this site and @CrackMeIfYouCan for updates.

How this works: The first hash is 95884b5232ea01d055768613fc84f242

Crack that, and take the plain-text that you recovered (let's pretend it's "foobar") and you will access the url /derbycon/foobar/ on the contest server. On that page, you would receive a 2nd hash. Crack that hash (let's say it cracks to "Step2") - and then you will go to /derbycon/Step2/

Don't just guess URLs - fail2ban is in full effect.

We have a winner!

CynoSure Prime was the first to complete the DerbyCon 2018 CMIYC, in just under 21 hours.

Team hashcat came in second place about 45 minutes later.

john-users came in third about an hour after that.

Although the contest has finished, we will leave the challenge files online, for people to play any time.